Ludum Dare 41: Paddle Pals

“Paddle Pals” by MorsDarkonius Mavakar & CosmicGem.

“Break bricks, solve puzzles, push blocks, hit switches and go through [twelve] levels that combine tight platforming level design with classic [“Breakout”] action!”

This cute looking game called “Paddle Pals” does not just mix up the puzzle platformer genre with the “Breakout” mechanics, it also surprised me with its great level design. Mainly you control the metal ball character, who can jump and run around, but quite often you have to call your paddle friend to you, so that they can shoot you into the air. Whenever you hit a brick with the ball, it will destroy them. You can also press the down arrow, so that the ball will break through glass bricks, which often hide a gate opening button.

Naturally, the stages of “Paddle Pals” become more difficult over time: Electric enemies will stand in your way, defective power generators urge to zap you and quite often you must react fast as well as with a perfect sense of timing to progress. >>PLAY