Ludum Dare 41: Randy’s Soccer Quest

“Randy’s Soccer Quest” by Lewis Tolonen.

“A wacky adventure full of sport.”

It is not important if you like soccer or not to enjoy “Randy’s Soccer Quest”, as this jam entry is one hell of a game. Not only mixes it up dribbling techniques with puzzle platformer elements as well as the level design of metroidvania titles, it is also ridiculously difficult without being too punishing. As Randy you will have to kick the ball to green dots to open gates, to manage a lucky shot between two spikes, to find the dashing and double jumping abilities to visit new passages and to avoid letting the ball disappear in the quicksand.

It is simply amazing how many different kinds of puzzles can be found in “Randy’s Soccer Quest”, and because of that no level feels redundant. The game supports not only keyboards, but also gamepad controller, making it the best soccer game since “Soccer Kid”>>PLAY