Ludum Dare 41: Roulette Knight

“Roulette Knight” by Four Quarters team (Dmitry Karimov, Alexander Goryeslavets, Alexander Vartazaryan & Dmitry Lagutov).

“Shoot your way though the hoards of bullets! […] RPG + Russian roulette.”

Do you feel like today is your lucky day? Well, yes and no. You’re lucky because you just found one of the best Ludum Dare 41 entries right now, but your luck might decrease harshly when you play it… “Roulette Knight” is a master piece of a genre mash-up, because it mixes gambling gameplay in the form of Russian roulette with the tactical RPG genre.

You will be facing a 4×6-room-map, where the knight starts his journey in the room in the downer-left corner, but he must proceed to the final challenge room in the upper-right corner. To get into a new room, he must survive at least three rounds of Russian roulette. Here is where the gameplay gets tactical: To get better surviving chances, you can buy special items in the shop or use stat points to upgrade your individual skill sets (upgrading character points like HP or mana or evading speed, unlocking healing spells etc.). But if you love it risky, you can also put more bullets into your revolver to raise your reward after a successfully survived shot, which leads to more money and more experience points. Combos also help with that!

“Roulette Knight” is a weirdly addictive game, one of the “Just one more round…” type. It got me intrigued for over three hours, not just because of the fantastic game design, which proves to be a great balance between luck and strategical resource / risk management, but also because of the phenominal pixel art and the cheerful soundtrack. Give it a try, but don’t complain if you can’t just shut it off… Bloody fantastic! >>PLAY