Ludum Dare 41: Tempo Quest

“Tempo Quest” by Bruno de Chazelles, Alexis de Chazelles & Théo Moyen.

“[A r]oguelike mixed with [the] Dance [D]ance [R]evolution mechanic, 1 – 4 players local coop [and] with gamepad support[.]”

The most wonderful thing about “Tempo Quest” is its smooth rhythm gameplay: You have to play your instrument – an electric guitar, a synthesizer, drums or even a triangle – by pressing the four displayed arrow keys one at a time. Each press will then result in a musical energy attack, that will eventually strike the monster hordes down. And if your attacks are precisely done and if you are fast enough, your combo meter will rise up as well.

Your main task is to collect the four heart types from each dungeon in the game and to bring them to the professor, who wants to research them to find a cure against the monsters. The dungeons are all placed in one of four different locations: The town, the sewers, the desert and the forest. Each location is inhabited by greatly designed and pixeled monsters like angry mushrooms, groups of hissing snakes, giant rats and animated fans. The sound design of them is just hilarious!

So grab up to three friends or fight alone to enjoy this special fighting game, which is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also gameplay-wise. (Psssst, the postjam version is also already out and features an end boss, just so you know!) Allow me to close the article with a minimally changed movie quote: “Tempo Quest, Tempo Quest, party time, excellent!” >>PLAY