Ludum Dare 41: The Cards You’re Dealt

“The Cards You’re Dealt” by Raindrinker.

“In this world, every action you can take is a card, and you only have access to the three that fit in your hand. Build a deck and try to slay as many monsters as possible.”

If you are a recurring visitor of this blog, you might remember the fantastic “Patient Rogue” we recommended roundabout two months ago. It was a card-based roguelite game, where each card represented an action, for example attacking with a specific weapon or casting a spell. “The Cards You’re Dealt” is quite similar to this design concept, but it adds two additional features to it.

First of all, the cards are divided in attack cards and movement cards. That way you have to decide each turn if you either want to attack an enemy or to move your character to another tile, as you cannot do both at once in “The Cards You’re Dealt”. That requires some foresightful, strategical thinking, because you only have one single hit point. Also, the movement cards are inspired by four chess pieces: The pawn, the knight, the bishop and rook.

Second, you always have only three cards in your hand. Which cards that might be, is indirectly controlled by yourself. After each dungeon, you can add one of three showed cards to your own deck as a reward. The deck-building part of “The Cards You’re Dealt” is essential for your success, as you have to find a good balance to be able to flee from a monster and to hit it. >>PLAY