Ludum Dare 41: Toodee and Topdee

“Toodee and Topdee” by dietzribi & Kajnoon.

“What happens when a platform game and a top down game are combined?”

At the first glance, the two platformer subgenres of the 2D platformer and the 3D platformer don’t seem to really compatible. But thanks to the ‘dimension switching’ mechanic of “Toodee and Topdee”, their combination works fantastically!

You play as two characters – one named Toodee, one named Topdee -, who come from two different worlds. For Toodee, the world is flat: They can not just jump and run on blocks, but also stand on clouds. Everything is pretty stable for him. Topdee on the other hand comes from a three-dimensional world: They can’t stand on clouds, but it’s possible for them to push the blocks wherever they want to.

Another interesting difference between them is the handling of gravity: What for Toodee is represented as an altitude, that’s for Topdee just the ground to run on. This different perception of the same level leads to an interesting game design, because both characters can help each other out in a neat way. They complement each other and that’s exactly what makes this Ludum Dare 41 entry so special. A perfect fit, even though both worlds seem to be incompatible at first. >>PLAY