Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #45

Screenshot of "Core Dunk"

“Core Dunk” by Steven Miller.

While assembly languages can be difficult to handle, this jam submissions offers a neat visualization of your code: In eight levels you have to code the movements of the basketball green team in the form of an abstract state machine to ensure that they can dunk the ball in the basketball hoop on the right side.

Screenshot of "The Matter at Hand"

“The Matter at Hand” by Chase Peterson.

In this puzzle game, all your possible movements are determined by the cards in your hand, which is why you have to think carefully about each move you want to do or else you find yourself short of one “Move” card in the end.

Screenshot of "Honest Dan's Trout"

“Honest Dan’s Trout” by Honest Dan & Waterytart.

If you combine the mechanics of “Tetris” and “Breakout”, the result will be this jam game. Whenever the ball touches a part of the brick, it will destroy it, whether or not it is already placed or still in the air. However, the usual “Tetris” rules apply: When a line is completely filled out, it will vanish.

Screenshot of "Tetrikaruga"

“Tetrikaruga” by Gaëtan Renaudeau.

This arcade game can be described as “Tetris” with a bullet hell scenario. Blue and pink balls will be fired against your tetromino in the air. The tetromino can be either pink or blue itself, and you can change its color by rotating it. If you cannot avoid the direct contact with bullets of the opposite color, the game is over.