Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #46

Screenshot of "Feed the Beat"

“Feed the Beat” by Benjamin Mike Kiefer & Jason Lord.

Each round you have to choose one of three dishes to cook. Some of them are easy to accomplish, while others are more difficult and take more time as well in this rhythm cooking game. For example, fried eggs will you not make any trouble, but they will also give a lower amount of points. If you go for the pumpkin soup instead, then better be prepared to face an army of vegetables.

Screenshot of "Rhythm Quest"

“Rhythm Quest” by Christopher Yabsley.

Free dungeon after dungeon from goblins, undeads and boss monsters by attacking them to the rhythm of the beat, but make sure that your defense is just as good. After cleaning a dungeon, your level will rise up and your character will be healed as well. However, the game’s speed increases, too.

Screenshot of "Crescendo"

“Crescendo” by Nate Largo.

Each of your moves does make a sound in this jam submission. While normal running is a quiet act, jumping around is already louder and when you shift from one place to another you will make much noise. Each stage will play a background melody, which goes up and down in its volume. If your movements are louder as the melody, then the level will be reset.