Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #47

Screenshot of "Shutin"

“Shutin” by Ava Skoog.

In this atmospheric survival horror life simulation, you play as an alone living person in their appartment. Your whole life cycles around five things: Ordering pizza, sleeping, taking a bath, going to the toilet and your work. After a while all the pizza boxes are stacked over one another and you will not be able to fulfill all your basic needs any longer.

Screenshot of "The Farm"

“The Farm” by RAC7 Games (Jesse Ringrose & Jason Ennis) & Gordon McGladdery.

You and your friend stranded at an abandoned farm, because your car is out of fuel. Luckily, a salesman will sometimes come around and offer you to buy some. As you do not have enough money, the two of you decide to crop the field, plant some corn seeds and water them, so that you can harvest and sell them. However, crows, rats and the unknown creatures of the night will become your worst enemy here, but with the help of turn-based fighting you might handle them.

Screenshot of "Citizenship++"

“Citizenship++” by Audrey Castillo & DeltaNutmeg.

In this hacking puzzle simulation, you have to plunder the ‘social bank accounts’ of strangers. As their accounts are protected, you must first figure out how each one of the five different lock types work. This can be managed by buying the manuals of each lock type. When you finally have enough social points, you can even buy an script editor to automate your hacking by typing in command sequences.