Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #52

Screenshot of "Soccer Racing"

“Soccer Racing” by Renaud Forestié.

Get a ball through four checkpoints and kick it into the goal, but while you try to do so, you will be facing a fully packed enemy team. Good for you that you are just as strong as them, so you can punch them away, when they are trying to get the ball away from you.

Screenshot of "Ace Golf: Blade Brawlers"

“Ace Golf: Blade Brawlers” by elHombreBanana.

You and your team are trying to putt the golf ball into the hole, which is placed at the starting point of the opposing team, but of course they are trying the same. Dash around and punch them with your golf club, so that they get stunned for some seconds.

Screenshot of "Golf Slayer"

“Golf Slayer” by sanjeev, WalterP & Auzrial.

This jam submission mixes the turn-based fighting system of some oldschool role-playing games with minigolf: Whenever you can do a critical hit against the monster, you will face a golf course, which must be cleared with the lowest amount of strokes possible. If you get your stroke count under the par, your attack will get a damage multiplier, allowing you to strike the alien down even faster. Naturally, you also have to heal and protect yourself sometimes, too.