Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #54

Screenshot of "BIRKANOID"

“BIRKANOID” by Mate Cziner.

In this card-based “Breakout”-like jam game you have to use your cards to control the movement of your ball. At the same time you must avoid touching the red bricks, as they will immediately kill you. Also, you cannot just discard your actual hand, instead you have to use each of the five cards before you get new ones.

Screenshot of "Lucky Towers!"

“Lucky Towers!” by Mortistar & FormalCloud.

You will need some luck to succeed in this tower defense game: Whenever you kill one of the monsters, they can give you chips, which you can use to turn a slot machine on. There you can win money to build new towers or to upgrade old ones, more chips, some health points or simply nothing.

Screenshot of "Idleshot"

“Idleshot” by Breogán HackettJessica Wintersonion & Rachel Franklin.

This colorful game uses several mechanics from different genres: Whenever you shoot a bullet, you will collect a shell, which then can be used to upgrade your character. Every now and then a wave of jellyfish aliens will come to your planet. After you killed them, you can collect their jelly and build or upgrade your defense turrets with them.