Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #55

Screenshot of "Goal and Crossbones"

“Goal and Crossbones” by Retrosaur & Clockwise2000.

Play as a soccer loving skeleton, who uses his own skull as a ball. You have to kick it right into the goal, but at the same time you will face an opposing team, consisting of many other monsters. While the slimes are just going up and down and behave like little bumpers, the hounds of hell as well as the centaurs will actively follow the ball and try to shoot it in your goal. >>PLAY

Screenshot of "Heck Deck"

“Heck Deck” by torcado.

This turn- and card-based bullet hell game features different types of cards: Some of them can be used to attack your enemies, while others will prevent you from any danger or heal you. However, you cannot just them whenever you feel like it, as each card has its own cool-down time. Also, to get new cards, you will have to take some damage, as they are the remains of hostile attacks.

Screenshot of "Super Action Fun Chess"

“Super Action Fun Chess” by Sean O’Neill.

This jam submission deprives the chess of its turn-based nature, as each of your chess pieces can be moved at the same time. However, same goes for your opponent. Try to throw down the other king from his throne, while you defend your own.

Screenshot of "Wordelicious"

“Wordelicious” by Luis Díaz Peralta.

In a restaurant of the special kind you do not serve your customers extravagant dishes, but delicious words. Each costumer has their own taste and allergies: Some want an H in their word, others are allergic to S, some want three specific letters at once. Longer words will result into a higher reward, so think fast and use your stylish typewriter.