Ludum Dare 42: Corrupted Space

“Corrupted Space” by Egor Dorichev.

“You hate trash and bacteria. […] [Your] home area got corrupted[.] [It is] time for a big [cleaning,] […] [though it is] not so easy to navigate in it, as it was before. Explore [thirty-one levels], jump on pads, ignore physic rules, and just have fun[.]”

“Corrupted Space” is a fun puzzle platformer with “VVVVVV” gravity mechanics, lovely pixel art, renewable bacteria as well as all sorts of bells and whistles. The grandiosely designed levels do not only test your logical thinking skills, but also your jump and run skills plus your sense of good timing. The goal in each level is to erase all the bacteria, but you will face cannonball-spitting monsters, spikes and dead ends on your way to success. At the same time, this jam game is ideal for a speedrun, because in the background always runs the clock that shows you your time in the end including a death counter. >>PLAY