Ludum Dare 42: Dice Builder

“Dice Builder” by Seungkyu Fred Lee.

“If the dices are gathered exactly as many as the spots, they will be removed and you get score. Placing dice onto another will add their spots. If the spots exceed 12, the dice will become a boulder. You cannot move across the boulder. If you stuck among the boulders (or run out of space), the game ends.”

It takes a moment before understanding the concept of “Dice Builder”, but anyone who likes strategic puzzle games will love this one. Gradually, you have to place a given sequence, which consists of one to four dice, on the game board. You can flip these sequences back and forth like “Tetris” bricks and rotate them, but there’s always a timer in the background, so you don’t have too much time for doing that

I you place a dice on an empty field, the field will take on the value of the dice. If the field is not empty, then the previous value of the playing field is added to that of the dice. If this value exceeds 12 then a blocking block is created which can not be eliminated.

But you can clean up all the other remaining fields if you fulfill a certain criterion: You have to succeed in reaching a sequence on the board that consists of equal dice and that is exactly as long as the value of the respective dice. That is, if you reach a four-square-long chain of quad-dice or a five-square-long chain of five-dice, etc., then that chain will simply disappear from the board and you will be credited the points. Sounds a bit complicated? Don’t worry, just try it out for yourself and chase your personal highscore! You’ll get the hang out of it. >>PLAY