Ludum Dare 42: Exhaustlands

“Exhaustlands” by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell & Colin Le Duc).

“The [fascist] army moves closer everyday[. …] Space is running out, time is running out, faith is running out. But they can do this. Click and hold to drive. Find locations. Fill up at gas stations or services, change character selection at motels or services. Return to HQ when you believe you have enough faith to win. [… A] driving exploration game… [K]inda metroidvania-y.”

Interested in a game of a completely different kind? For the Ludum Dare 42, the Sand Gardeners have jumped into a particularly unusual genre combination: In this metroidvania with a noteworthy huge game world you drive around in a car to gain faith in your victory in the fight against the fascists.

Not only do you encounter strange places and temples, but you may also encounter new characters like the warrior or the druid. All these characters have different positive traits that can make your journey easier, but you can only drive around with two of them at a time. In addition, each of the characters believes in a different deity, which in turn can trigger specific events in specific places all over the world.

On my first attempt, I myself could not win the fight against the fascists and the darkness that followed them. But on my next road trip, I’ll do better. I’ll find out what the binary code on the sign means. I’ll find the cove the warrior is really looking for. I will use the statics of the world for the good. I will give comfort to the traveler’s family. I will discover all the roads that can lead to peace. And I will enjoy the strange atmosphere a little more. Thanks for the trip. >>PLAY