Ludum Dare 42: ground_0

“ground_0” by Jamison Schuster.

“[T]he earth you stand on is your ammunition. Absorb dirt particles to power your weapon! If you’re not careful, you’ll run out of the ground beneath your feet and fall to your death.”

Using your own game world as ammunition is an easy-to-understand, but hard-to-master game concept. With approaching monster swarms, you’ll have to react quickly in “ground_0” to charge your so called ground gun and then shoot down your enemies at the right time. However, it should be remembered that the ground is not infinite. If you dig too much away and fall right down into the spikes, then the respective attack wave begins again from the beginning.

The enemies belong to one of three different forms. So there are the flying aliens who shoot back from time to time and so. If they do not hit you, their projectile will tear a piece out of the game world. Then there are jumping aliens that are just annoying. Since your ground gun can only shoot up, you have to shoot them just when they’re exactly over you. The third type is the most dangerous: It is a huge flying opponent who takes a total of three shots to die. And it gets even worse: This alien type can fire three projectiles at once.

This awesome retro-styled shooter with beat-heavy background music will make you sweat as the difficulty increases with each new wave. It should also be in the favor of all friends of speedruns, because at the end of the game the in-game-time is displayed together with the death count. Well then, it’s pew-pew-pew time! >>PLAY