Ludum Dare 42: HANA

“HANA” by Brandon Yu & Zenson Ng.


I do not know what I love more about this puzzle shooter: either the graphic style (and especially the giants’ heads), or rather the fact that the shooting mechanics are not used to kill any enemies.

In “HANA”, there are several differently colored pixel heaps. Depending on the color of the giant’s head you want to feed, he wants to be fed with pixels of his own color. However, the desired pixel heaps are usually far away from the heads, so you have to try to grow them. This happens in different ways depending on their color. For example, the pink blob grows by shooting at it. The purple blob, on the other hand, keeps track of your character as soon as you get too close. And the green and yellow blobs just keep growing in one direction and you can only shoot holes in them to keep them from growing.

With these different mechanics, the developers of the game were able to create a thrilling, entertaining puzzle shooter with six wonderfully designed levels that will surely delight you as well. But you must always remain true to the motto of the game: “FEED, GROW, ADAPT.” And now into the fray! >>PLAY