Ludum Dare 42: HANA

“HANA” by Brandon Yu & Zenson Ng.

The puzzle shooter “HANA” does not only feature a colorful, sweet visual style, it also has shooting mechanics implemented, which are not used to kill any enemies. Instead, there are several differently colored pixel heaps. Depending on the color of the giant’s head you want to feed, it wants to be fed with pixels of its own color. However, the desired blobs are usually far away from them, so you have to try to grow them.

The growing behavior is different for each type of heap: For example, the pink blob grows by shooting at it. On the other side, the purple blob keeps track of your character’s movements and follows it as soon as you get too close. The green and yellow blobs just keep growing in one direction, so you can only shoot holes in them to keep them from growing. With these different mechanics, the developers of the game were able to create a thrilling, entertaining puzzle shooter with six wonderfully designed levels that will surely delight you as well. >>PLAY