Ludum Dare 42: Overwrite

“Overwrite” by Steven Miller.

“Push batteries and open gates[.] Take pictures and change your surroundings[.] Restore power[.]”

As an artificially conscious camera, you need to solve some very special puzzles in this game: By shooting 3*3 tiles big photos of your immediate surroundings, you can use them to manipulate an (almost) arbitrary, equally big area in the level. Not only can you unlock the path to the exit with this game mechanic, you can also (and have to) multiply the important elements such as generators or activation fields, or you can simply overwrite obstacles with it. At the beginning you can use this ability only once per level, but in the later stages you can even produce three photographs. But hey, that’s where the real fun starts.

Thanks to the excellent level design, you will have a good hour of puzzle fun with “Overwirte”, as it will often take longer for the ‘Ahhh!’ moment to set in, but it will be so satisfying. Some of the solutions just need some thinking outside the box. So, come on and say ‘Chee~eeese’! >>PLAY