Ludum Dare 42: Rude Bear Resolution

“Rude Bear Resolution” by Alex Rose, João Dias & John Pennington.

“Y[our game’s window resizes.] W[hen the game window shrinks to nothing you die.] […] A[s your torch runs out you die]. G[et to the torches.] E[xplore the world]. F[ind abilities]. U[se abilities.] G[o and rescue your father.]”

This Metroidvania from the infamous “Rude Bear” series has a very special twist. A hovering glowing ball tracks the hairy protagonist here, enlightening his surroundings. But the sphere loses its power over time when Rude Bear does not recharge it by touching a torch. Each time the ball gets a little weaker, the actual game window also shrinks, until it shrinks to the absolute minimum and the game simply ends. The window also gets smaller as you run into the hovering eyes.

But by touching a torch, the window gets restored to its full size. This neat technical gimmick makes “Rude Bear Resolution” one of the most charming and innovative entries of the whole Ludum Dare 42.

Because of this concept, it is important to discover all hidden abilities as quickly as possible, so that new passages of the cavern can be explored and new skills can be unlocked. This way Rude Bear learns to dash (which not only allows him to move faster, but also to eliminate the blue eyes), to crouch or to master the double jump. Only then can he finally face the final boss, and thus free his father. >>PLAY