Ludum Dare 42: .S

“.S” by torcado.

“[A “Snake”] platformer[.]”

The concept of “.S” is as simple as it is ingenious: You control a snake that has to eat all the pellets in a level to activate the exit. But just like in “Snake”, the serpent will grow after each pellet it ate, which may be to its advantage or disadvantage. For example, it can use itself as a platform to jump from a better position to another one. At the same time, it may not be able to crawl through all the lanes of a level because she clogs them herself.

Thanks to the incredibly excellent puzzle design and other small features such as deadly spikes, bouncer elements and a short-distance teleportation ability, “.S” becomes more complex in its later stages, but always manageable. Once you have mastered a difficult level on your own, your endorphin output will certainly be huge. >>PLAY