Ludum Dare 42: Smoke: it’s ok to feel

“Smoke: it’s ok to feel” by Lumpy & UpstairsBreh.

“Explore a picturesque hand-drawn mountain town! Interact with a colorful cast of characters from Smoke’s past. Maybe [you will] find them all? Or, screw all that, and go straight home and drink. [It is] up to you.”

When alcohol, illusions and memories of good as well as bad times mix, that can be an awful lot to witness. It can be a point of your departure to start a better life. It can be a point where sadness predominates and you simply drink more. It can be a point of realization that something goes wrong and that you have to fight it. It can be a point in life where everything suddenly seems pointless and alike. With just such a scenario, the absurd and at the same time fantastic game “Smoke: it’s ok to feel” deals.

The protagonist is a bear named Smoke. One day he realizes that he no longer has any lager beer in his fridge. That is why he is heading to his local liquor store. After he has done his shopping there, he wants to make his way home again. However, on this way he can meet many different people, some of whom he already knows from his past, some not. So it is up to you in “Smoke: it’s ok to feel” whether you are looking for a conversation with your neighbor, if you are meeting Bigfoot or if you are talking to your ex and your son. All these little encounters are the fragments that together allow a glimpse of Smoke’s life. No matter what you take out of this game, the key message remains the same in the end: It is okay to feel, really. >>PLAY