Ludum Dare 42: The National Library of Geometric Impossibilities

“The National Library of Geometric Impossibilities” by Lewis Tolonen.

“Shelve books in a paradoxical library.”

Libraries are extremely magical places, as they are filled with thousands of books and thereby stories. However, at some point the space for new books will go out. What should you do in such a case? Looking for deposits in other dimensions, of course. In “The National Library of Geometric Impossibilities”, you work at such a place. Your task is to put unsorted books back into their proper shelves.

This is quite simple at the beginning, but suddenly geometric abnormalities start to appear. Corridors lead back to their beginning. Two interconnected passages take you to completely different levels, depending on your walking direction. And then there are all those needed combination codes that are not written down anywhere, or are they? Every now and then, it is important to change one’s own perspective and draw the right conclusions in the outstanding puzzle game “The National Library of Geometric Impossibilities”. >>PLAY