Ludum Dare 42: The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy

“The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy” by Jonathan Murphy, Louis D. Meyer, Adrian Vaughan, Kyle Olson, Angelo Di Rosa, Ben Weatherall & Dave Lloyd.

“Click to select your babies and click again to move them around your ship! Load the cannons with cannonballs! Take aim at the enemy ship and let loose!”

Imagine you were the captain of a buccaneer, how would you avoid mutiny? Of course, the most obvious solution is to only hire babies as your faithful recruits. They may scream around, and surely their diapers stink a bit, but after all, they can roll back and forth a cannonball and also take light repair jobs. In this strategy game called “The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy”, you have to defend your ship against chicken pirates. Just like you, they will attempt to shoot down their fiend, repairing their leaks at the same time. To win each battle with them, you have to show a higher level of tactical skill. Distribute the tasks to the babies in an efficient manner, so that you are known as the true pirate king of the seven seas. >>PLAY