Ludum Dare 42: Tiny Kingdom Builder

“Tiny Kingdom Builder” by Oddly Shaped Pixels (Renaud Despinois).

“[A] small puzzle/scoring-based game. It mixes mechanics from the boardgame Kingdomino, Tetris and Puyo-Puyo! […] The objective is to try to make the bigger kingdoms in order to collect gems and score more points. But you don’t have much room, and with the timer running and those bloody rocks getting in your way, you’ll need all your skills to beat the highscore.”

You have a 5×5 field in front of you, in the center of which the starting point for your kingdom is placed. This playing field can not be moved or extinguished and it’s your job to build the largest possible kingdom around it by optimally placing field groups that are assigned to you. If your game board is so full that you can no longer put up new groups of fields, then you’ll get points for each series of at least three field long sequences of fields of the same kind (desert, stone, grass, forest, …). Also, these fields disappear from the field, letting over just all the single pieces on the board. Extra points are awarded when the entire game board is filled or when you have diamonds in the vanishing fields.

However, the game is over as soon as either no new field group can be placed on the field or when the timer expires. But you can gain extra time by quickly filling up the game board, but that at the same time might let you run into the risk of being careless and making catastrophic building decisions.

Despite some minor user interface issues (sometimes one of the groups of fields gets stuck, which prevents you from playing them and forces you to reset), the replay value of this puzzle game is pretty huge. For about an hour, I went for a little highscore hunt and was always trying to get a better result, just because it was so much fun. Try it yourself! >>PLAY