Ludum Dare 42: Treasure Chest #79

Screenshot of "California Jane"

“California Jane” by Sylvain Guerrero, Boris Warembourg, Pauline Grassi, Robin Chafoin & Jean Werkling.

A charmingly designed puzzle adventure in a desert ruin awaits you here. Mummies come back to life again and the walls drift towards you, so be careful not to plummet into the depths. Also, the ground under your feet is not that solid either.

Screenshot of "Trail"

“Trail” by Romain Rope & Theophile Garnier.

The concept of this jam entry is similar to “.S”, but with an important difference: Here, you do not have to eat anything to make your character grow, because every new move makes it automatically longer. Use your length to create new passages to each level exit, while you try to not fall into the sharp spikes.

Screenshot of "Guns’n’Carrots"

“Guns’n’Carrots” by Andrei AndreevMikhail PetrovWermoongRey & Holyghost.

In this jam submission, you can control your cowboy only indirectly. By collecting carrots from the roadside and putting them in your inventory, you can speed up your horse, while you slow it down when you throw them out. But make sure that you still have enough space for various weapons to catch all the crooks from the Wild West.