Ludum Dare 42: Treasure Chest #82

Screenshot of "There is Never Enough Space!!!"

“There is Never Enough Space!!!” by Jamie Rollo.

Do you fancy a juxtaposition of space-based minigames under time pressure? In this jam submission, you have to drag files into the correct directory, find a new order for all the stuff in your room, build a puzzle together, win a game of chess with just one move and fill up the tweet.

Screenshot of "Rebound"

“Rebound” by Julien FoucherLouis Iwa Le BrunGreyo & Alarios.

All keys in each level must be collected to open the exit to the next one in this highly polished puzzle game. However, one should pay attention to the movement patterns of the spikes and remember hidden paths that only appear for a short time. Every once in a while a leap of faith has to be accepted as well. A special feature is the multiplayer mode, in which you can compete with up to three friends to see who of you can solve a level the fastest.

Screenshot of "Cutting Edge: Screensaver"

“Cutting Edge: Screensaver” by Erica Cope, Ricardo Lira da Fonseca, Victor Domiciano Mendonça, André Moukarzel, Arthur Vieira Barbosa, Eduardo Yukio, José Alvim, João Pedro Turri, Livia Maki Yoshikawa, Renato Yoshio Eguti, Tamara Silva, Werner Beigel & Wilson Kazuo Mizutani.

Similar to our recommendation “Rude Bear Resolution”, the boundaries of the window in this jam submission move slowly, but steadily towards the player to crush them. Each stage is about the bare survival for a certain period of time. You can attack the walls with your sword, which will wide the window again. But be careful to avoid touching the crystals, which can stun you for a short amount of time.