Ludum Dare 42: Unfamiliar

“Unfamiliar” by Adrian Kovatana, Cary Stringfield, Cody McGuire, Cole Penning & Don Nguyen.

“[A] visual [novel] […] that attempts to portray the affects of dementia on a family.”

Our memories are the foundation of our identity. One can therefore only vaguely imagine the horror to which demented people are exposed. How does one live with it when the past mixes with the present and individual scenes are suddenly completely deleted from memory? And how does your own family deal with it? These are exactly the questions of this wonderful, tragic game named “Unfamiliar”.

From the first-person perspective of a mother as well as grandmother, the first slight, then increasingly severe consequences of dementia are portrayed. The developers have been extremely gentle and respectful in this process, as the serious issue does not get downplayed in any way. The forgetting of the loved ones is as much in the foreground as the fear for the own personality, but at the same time everything is surrounded by a wonderful metaphor: Elephants. I do not want to give away too much at this point, instead I want to encourage you to try the game for yourself. It will be worth the time. >>PLAY