Ludum Dare 42: Writespace

“Writespace” by larkiniaLena Schimmelflauschzelle & Sebastian Morr.

“You’re exploring a haunted house and find a strange parchment scroll. When you touch it, something terrible happens: You’re turned into a typewriter! Use your surroundings and find the magic words to lift the curse! Oh, and you can’t type spaces, of course.”

Thanks to its great maze-like level design and the simple but ingenious concept idea, this game is one of the best puzzle games of Ludum Dare 42 in my opinion. Your character moves in the direction you type in – so, if you type “LEFT”, then the figure will move to the left, if you enter “DOWN”, then down, and so on. But in some places there just is not enough room to write out the name of a direction, so you’ll need to think up new routes and solutions. The paths can also cross over, making foresightful thinking at certain levels an absolute obligation.

If a level gets a bit too frustrating for you, then just take a deep breath, enjoy the the beautifully drawn graphics and listen to the meditative background sounds. It is not always as difficult as it may seem. Now get to the keys! Clack clack clack clack clack… >>PLAY