Ludum Dare 43: Colors of Your World

“Colors of Your World” by Cocoa Moss (DDRKirby(ISQ) & Kat Jia).

“A short platforming adventure. Sacrifices must be made to progress. What will become of your world?”

From a game mechanical as well as aesthetical point of view, “Colors of Your World” is a real pleasure. Level by level you have to overcome various obstacles to get ahead. If you have completed a section, then you will be led to a group of birds. These will give you a new ability. While you can only jump and run at the beginning, you will later be able to dash as well as to climb along walls. But each of these abilities is not a pure gift: You have to erase a color from your world as a sacrifice.

As the landscape loses its splendor of color, the beautiful pixel art suddenly seems a bit brittle and even the fantastic chiptune background music is not quite as joyful as it was at the beginning. That is why the sacrifices in “Colors of Your World” are of a very interesting nature, as they do not cause any technical disadvantages to the player. The difficulty of the game remains about the same degree, so winning the game is always manageable. >>PLAY