Ludum Dare 43: FTD : Fixin’ to Die

“FTD : Fixin’ to Die” by Barney Cumming, Dave Lloyd, Louis D. MeyerAdrian Vaughan, Kyle Olson & Jonathan Murphy.

“As a surgeon in a tiny field hospital you must decide whether you have the resources to help each wounded soldier that comes into your tent, or whether they must be sacrificed, for the good of the many. It’s Overcooked meets Surgeon Simulator!”

We all know that war always demands its victims. Precisely for this reason, not only soldiers at the front are important, but also paramedics and doctors. In the most adverse circumstances they try to save lives. But sometimes you just have to cut corners … That’s the way it is in this morbid simulation game. Diseased soldiers can not only be operated here, but also sacrificed to receive fresh blood packs. With their help, other soldiers can get better chances of survival. Equipped with only two bone saws and two camp beds you will probably need these packs.

It is going to be very hectic when soldiers come to your rescue tent. The longer they are outside, the higher the risk of getting new injuries. So then, sharpen your surgical tool and your sense of the right moment, because the first patients are already waiting for you! >>PLAY