Ludum Dare 44: Drowning in the Rain

“Drowning in the Rain” by David Williamson.

“[This is] an autobiographical vignette with mild puzzle elements. It covers a very important and difficult period of my life […] that began with the death of my father.”

This vignette game called “Drowning in the Rain” is split into six chapters, with each one of them containing a task for you to solve to progress. What you have to do is not directly communicated, as subtle hints and a bit of exploration will guide you through it.

Honesty can be one of the most brutal tools when creating a game. At some points, “Drowning in the Rain” left me speechless, because the scenes were much more than just relatable; they were real. The loss of loved ones, the grief, the so-called ‘friends’ and relatives, who pretend to care, but also the loss of those who never were. It feels breathtaking, even overwhelming. In the end, just one question remained in my brain: How the hell were David and his wife capable to go on? What kind of strength must a person have to continue after this mess? They have to be incredible people, who I deeply admire after playing this. >>PLAY