Ludum Dare 44: GÖLDF

“GÖLDF” by XMPT Games (Richard PilotEd Moffatt, Brad Roeger & Luke Staddon).

“Each time you shoot a coin, its value reduces by $1 – when it hits 0, that coin is dead: you can’t take any more shots with it! You’ll also encounter obstacles that require payment to remove or use: fences cost currency to smash down, and pressure pads only trigger when coins of sufficient value sit on them.”

I’m a sucker for mini golf games, especially when they have some neat mechanics included. In “GÖLDF”, you play with coins which lose a bit of their value with each shot. So, if you don’t plan ahead a bit, your coins can be become unplayable in two ways: Either they have no value anymore, because then they are dead and you can’t shoot them anymore, or they have too little value to break through fences or to activate switches.

This premise opens the way to some excellent and fun level design. In twelve stages you have to smash a paywall, to choose if you want to go straight to the hole or to use a bypass and play a bit of golf-snooker. Sounds interesting? Well, it is, so give it a try for yourself!  >>PLAY