Ludum Dare 44: Jamsterdam

“Jamsterdam” by Ivan NotarosFerran Bertomeu Castells & YenTing Lo.

“A game about trying to be a Jazz musician in Amsterdam. […] [S]ing with your Mouse, collect donations, pay your bills and survive in Amsterdam.”

Whenever a game speaks about serious topics like gentrification, rising rental and food prices, but also manages to implement a fun game mechanic, then I’m simply enthusiastic. In “Jamsterdam”, you’ll struggle to survive as a jazz musician with your band. By moving your mouse up and down and sideways, you control your voice and sing along to the music.

Whenever a passersby like what they hear, they’ll throw some coins in your direction. Then you can move away from the microphone and collect them to pay off your debts.

But you are not allowed to wait too long, as you have to pay pretty soon or you’ll just, oh well, starve or become homeless. That gets signaled by the fading colors, as the game screen will turn into grey shades. So get your act together and remember: The gig must go on! >>PLAY