Ludum Dare 44: Kitchen For One

“Kitchen For One” by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell & Colin Le Duc).

“[A] full-motion-video jazz improv cooking simulator about windows, mice, and everyday monotony.”

Cooking is a very ambiguous activity. For some it means pure boredom or even stress, other do it for fun as a hobby. But preparing food is something all of us have to do at some point, as we need to eat. For most people, it’s a part of their daily routine. A good part of our life times we spend in kitchens. But what happens, when this familiar place loses a bit of its value to us? What if we don’t want to cook any longer in there?

“Kitchen For One” is split into two parts, which both are connected with each other. On the one hand, you can type commands to do cookery tasks like cracking eggs, slicing bread or grabbing salt and pepper, which will be presented to you as black and white full motion videos.

On the other hand, a story will be told to you. A story about cooking, art, mice, privacy and media theory of some sorts. It’s also an insight into the thoughts of a creative mind, struggling with the uniqueness of ideas, haunted by the fear that reproduction of art might always lead to failure.

So yes. “Kitchen For One” is quite a dish. Two game concepts spiced up with an interesting and intimate story. So grab a spoon and enjoy the taste. >>PLAY