Ludum Dare 45: A_semblance

“A_semblance” by D1gital Cuts.

“A platformer where you play as a robot that’s […] being assembled.”

Just like in the fantastic Ludum Dare 45 entries “Nothing” by Joellikespigs and “Unlock Everything” by Timmie Wong, “A_semblance” doesn’t hand its players control over their character in the beginning. That isn’t just an arbitrary choice of its developer, but very well intertwined with the platformer’s narrative setting: The little robot figure is still about to be assembled, so it can’t move at the start.

But whenever a stage is completed, some machines grab the metal fella and thereby a new ability gets unlocked. But don’t be fooled. Even though the new skills help to progress, the factory is still a quite dangerous place. Rotating saws, stomping pillars and deadly gears can’t wait to get their hands on our robot-in-the-making to destroy it roughly. Friends of difficult platformers will be excited to hear that the controls are pretty tight, too. This combination of passages that require some good reflexes as well as crispy jumps, lovely pixel art and fitting ambient music make “A_semblance” a really amazing jam entry. >>PLAY