Ludum Dare 45: I ain’t got no body

“I ain’t got no body” by SquareDev & WeaverDev.

“Oh no, [you are] dead! And [what is] even worse, [it] looks like you got a-head of yourself[.] You wake up in a graveyard infested by zombies. Find a way to get out… Maybe [you are] going to need a hand, literally!”

Sometimes all I want to play is a short and funny game with a bunch of different ideas, and “I ain’t got no body” definitely delivers that. Originally, you were a reviving skeleton, but in the process you shake too much in your grave and your head jumps off. The skull has its own mind now, but no body whatsoever. Luckily for you, some zombies stay around – maybe one of them could lend you a hand?

With its little puzzles, a quick boss fight in the end and a delightful art style, “I ain’t got no body” is a charming and in a sense even wholesome game. The running animation of the skull, when it has only a hand attached to it, is so gorgeous and disgustingly cute! But maybe the best part of the jam entry are the little “Aha!” moments here and there as well as the end sequence. All those aspects make it a perfect, wacky game for the next Halloween season. [PLAY]