Ludum Dare 45: Nothing

“Nothing” by Joellikespigs.

“[A] short platformer where you start with nothing. Including controls.”

What’s a jump’n’run without background music, a health bar or even a control scheme? Well, that’s for you to find out! “Nothing” is a charming combination of a platformer, a metroidvania and also a meta game, where you unlock one game feature after another.

At the start, the little character can’t move to any side at all. Then for the main time you will only be able to control it to the left, but hey, even that can bring tricky situations with it! I mean, did you ever try to do some timed jumps from one platform to another with just one side to walk to? It’s not as easy as it sounds, I’m telling you that.

There are many little features hidden in “Nothing”. While it’s of course useful to have a working jumping ability, others of them are a bit more distracting. Ever wanted a Navi-like fairy by your side, constantly mugging that you should finally listen? Here you go. Or maybe you are interested in the sound effects of squeaky shoes? No? Are you sure? Well, the completionists among you will get to them when you try to unlock them all. >>PLAY