Ludum Dare 45: Paint Rush

“Paint Rush” by Louis Denizet, Romain Rope, Mathieu Clavel & Alexandre Magnat.

“Crush devilish [enemies] against grounds and doors to paint your way through the game, and understand the contours of this world that seems hidden to your eyes! Jump, climb walls, hit and explode your opponents with powerful finish moves to stay alive until the end.”

Rainbow gore – that is what I would call “Paint Rush” in a nutshell. In this fast-paced action game, you get thrown into a completely blank world. However, each of your steps will leave a more or less colorful trace, so that the stage gets easier to explore. If you want the full color spectrum, then you will have to grab the fiend shadow creatures and throw them against a wall.

While no blood gets shown in “Paint Rush”, your violent activities leave a trail of destruction in the form of beautiful color spots. The battles against the enemies has two functionalities: On the one side, you will have to kill waves of them to be able to progress. On the other side, by throwing them through red blockades, new ways and tunnels get revealed. Also, there is a little boss fight at the end! So get ready for a combat where your fists are like paint brushes and let your inner Bob Ross guide you. [PLAY]