Ludum Dare 45: Sabotage

“Sabotage” by Sébastien Bénard.

“You are Colonel Jean-François Hubert from the French army. As the most badass colonel ever, you take on your missions naked, without any weapon. Improvise, adapt, overcome. […] [Use] the environment to kill enemies.”

To put it frankly, “Sabotage” is one of the most hilarious submissions of the entire Ludum Dare 45. In which other jam entry do you play as a nude French elite soldier, who has to kill all the nazis inside the Castle Unterwäsche (which is German for underwear, by the way)? Exactly! In six levels you can enjoy committing violent acts against the fascists either by grabbing and throwing them directly into spikes, by attacking them with weapons like knifes and rifles or by giving them the blast of their life with explosives. They can even shoot themselves down with friendly fire!

All in all, “Sabotage” is an extremely good looking, fun and just slightly historically inaccurate game, which I can only highly recommend. Regardless if you are more into stealth tactics or more of an offensive fighter: You will enjoy putting those bastards down for sure. I know I did, thanks to Colonel Jean-François ‘I don’t need any clothes’ Hubert. C’est fantastique! [PLAY]