Ludum Dare 45: Uballto

“Uballto” by Omiya Games (Taro Omiya).

“Welcome to […] a Linux distribution for […] distributing balls. […] [I]n this desktop environment, dialog windows are used to guide balls to their target flags. Do you have the technical wits to master this distro?”

In “Uballto”, you have to guide a soccer ball to a flag on a desktop screen to pass a level, but somehow the whole level is empty. What to do? It’s easy: Just open up the minimized program window and drag them around to create a temporary path!

Each window type reveals a different sort of underground. Windows with the title ‘Base’ for example resemble the pure path, while ‘Block’ windows can contain some obstacles to reduce the tempo of the ball. ‘Water’ windows on the other side will lead the ball on a road with water physics, so that it will float to the surface.

In the past few years, we already experienced some fantastic jam entries, that used the borders of application windows as a core game element (like Daniel Linssen’s fantastic Ludum Dare 35 entry “windowframe” or “Rude Bear Resolution”, made for Ludum Dare 42 by Alex Rose, João Dias & John Pennington). But thanks to the variety of element layers, “Uballto” offers a completely new approach to the mechanic. All in all, a very clever and fun physics game, that I highly recommend. >>PLAY