Ludum Dare 45: Words With Foes: Quest for the Lexinomicon

“Words With Foes: Quest for the Lexinomicon” by Daniel Voth, Julian Beutel, Kai Clavier, Graeme Borland & Matt Woelk.

“Fight monsters, get loot, and defeat the biggest bosses around! Type scrabble-approved words in order to defeat monsters and gain their letters. But watch out! They’ll attack you back, making you lose those precious letters. Keep your tray full, in this endless typing expedition into the depths!”

You love letters, fun facts about mythology, dungeons and you always wished for a Scrabble-like, typing fight system? Then “Words With Foes: Quest for the Lexinomicon” was just made for you and your obscure combination of desires! Here you have to dive deep into a tunnel system to battle against creatures known from legends and myths, like chimaeras, gnomes and fuzzy yetis.

To do any damage, you have to create a word out of up to seven letters, which are right in front of you. Each letter has a number linked to them, which stands for the amount of hit points they’ll take from your foe when used. If you are not able to find a suitable combination of characters, then you can simply sacrifice one (and only one) letter and just do one damage. Your enemies are attacking you too, of course. But they are not after your health; instead they’ll destroy some of your letters until you are not able to fight anymore! So it’s important to think of a good word and make the most out of the situation. But take your time, as there is no need to rush through a battle thanks to the turn-based nature of the battle system. Also, you’ll get new letters for your stack by either defeating the monsters or by finding a treasure chest.

The more enemies you blast away with your eloquence, the mightier the next ones become. So better take up your dictionary, just in case, and then take a trip into the dungeon! You’ll be rewarded with witty commentaries about the foes and letters alike as well as an endless mode, when you overcome the final boss fights! >>PLAY