Ludum Dare 45: You Lose. Good Day, Sir.

“You Lose. Good Day, Sir.” by Meredith Chen, SheldonZS, Henna Ahvenniemi, Weeping Jester, Jarkko Ahvenniemi, Keladry & Gryphon_Man.

“You start with [nothing]. Plus your [“Scrabble”]-solving mind. And an angry armadillo. How many words can you make? Will any of them be the right ones?”

When you start this game, you will face an angry armadillo. It is very certain that the animal dislikes you to the core, but I will not tell you why. That is for you to find out by yourself, as I do not want to spoil you the strange storyline, that could be interpreted as a “Black Mirror” parody or homage. However, what I will do is to tell you about the neat gameplay of “You Lose. Good Day, Sir.”: In the conversation with the armored xenarthran you can collect the yellow words. These get split into their single letters, so you can use them in a “Scrabble”-like manner. For each scene of the plot, you have to find one special word – made out of the letters you gathered only – to progress.

The puzzle design is a bit vague at some points, but the armadillo will give you subtle hints in your conversation. And even when you choose a wrong word, the response will often prove to be hilarious! It is amazing how many different possibilities the makers of “You Lose. Good Day, Sir.” had in their mind while making this game in only three days. So if you love word puzzle games, make sure to give that one a try! [PLAY]