Ludum Dare 45: ZERMATT: ZERO

“ZERMATT: ZERO” by FireSlash, kiririn51 & Juneji.

“[A] PC-98 inspired adventure game in which you must escape the clutches of an unknown monstrosity using your wits and items you can scavenge from the ship.”

It all went wrong. Your spaceship is now in the control of some monster. It is hungry and bloodthirsty, killed off most of the crew and actually, that is not even the worst part, because the creature is extremely sneaky and can move from one floor to another in a second. For some reason, it is not very fond of the elevator, so you are at least safe here…

In “ZERMATT: ZERO”, you play as the astronautess Yuki. She is in the possession of a lifeform radar, which can tell where the alien abomination was moments ago, giving her the opportunity to avoid it. While she is wandering between the rooms of the vessel in hope to find something useful, she can also encounter two of her colleagues: Reiko, an expert in improvising traps, and Maya, who is capable of closing and opening the heavy doors with her technological skills. Together, the three can use their abilities to slow the monstrosity down, and maybe reach the escape pods. But then they will realize that they need some more items to repair them – and that is where the real thrill begins.

“ZERMATT: ZERO” is an incredibly well-made escape adventure with strategy elements. You are forced to think carefully, where your next step should lead you, or else the alien will just hunt you down and grab you as a midnight snack in space. Very lovely is also the choice of the interface, as it resembles the screens of old computers in a wonderful clean attitude, which is absolutely fitting to the plot and atmosphere. [PLAY]