Ludum Dare 46: À la Fenêtre

“À la Fenêtre” by Garance Royère, Géraud Zucchini & Antoine Druaux.

“A girl and a boy remenbering how life was before the world’s longest lockdown.”

In “À la Fenêtre”, which is French for “At the window”, you play as a couple reviving their memories together before the coronavirus outbreak, as they are stuck in their apartment together. There is not much to do for them. They are longing for the former normality, and so they take a walk in their imagination through few vignettes of their past.

They remember fondly how beautiful a stroll at the coast was, how exciting and filled with laughter a visit to the cinema or museum was. Even the occasional shopping at the village market comes to their mind as a lovely memory. While COVID-19 is truly a horrifying disease, at least some of us might now understand better that all of this, our everyday life, is nothing that should be taken as granted. However, “À la Fenêtre” is no dunning game with a moral pointing finger. It is more of a bittersweet retrospection, that many of us share right now.

In the end, this jam entry suggests its players to not fall into despair. Instead we all should dive into the positive moments of our past, developing a pleasant anticipation for them to come back. As long as we are waiting, we can stand by the window and take a long look at the empty streets. May they be filled with life once again as soon as we are able to fight the sickness – it will be worth it. [PLAY]