Ludum Dare 46: ADRENA-LINE

“ADRENA-LINE” by Daniel Linssen.

“[In] each level you want to get to the button before you run out of time. [The] amount of time you have for each level slowly decreases[.] […] [The] levels are procedurally generated and are built to guarantee that the button is always reachable from the starting position and is always at least eight button presses away.”

“ADRENA-LINE” is a maze game which will let your blood boil in the best sense, as it becomes quite hectical, but also immensely addicting. You are in charge of a square figure and can move it upwards, downwards, left or right. Whenever you do that, it will rush to the next wall in that direction. No single steps are possible, as dashing is the only movement mode here. Your goal is to push the button with a certain timeframe. The dark bar in the lower center of the screen indicates how much time is left. When both ends of the bar meet in the middle, then it is game over for you.

However, when you successfully pushed the button, a new maze will appear. Your own position will still be the same, but the whole room structure as well as the position of the button will change. What is even more important now is the fact that the dark bar will shrink now faster; that is the great twist of “ADRENA-LINE”. Maze puzzle games become automatically more interesting when the player is under some time pressure. Thanks to the great audiovisual feedback it always feels satisfying to solve one of the levels, but the game will keep you tense. [PLAY]