Ludum Dare 46: Advise the King

“Advise the King” by Dija Studios (Arden DeCuir & Adam DeCuir).

“[A] [c]hess-[b]ased [d]eck[building game.] […] Battle your way through [ten] levels, collecting cards along the way. Can you get to the final level and defeat the Dark King?”

Mixing a card game system with the movement patterns of chess pieces became a bit of a good old tradition in Ludum Dare entries (for example, take a look on “The Cards You’re Dealt” which was made for the 41th edition of the popular game jam). But why not? With the right level design such a concept always can be fun, as “Advise the King” proves.

Here you play as the lone king of the white pieces, who has to fight against the armies of his black counterpart. While gameplay is structured in a turn-based manner, that does not automatically mean that the king can only move or attack once per turn; instead he can do as many actions as he want, as long as he still holds some action cards and as long as his action points are not completely depleted. In some of the later stages it is even possible to refresh all the action points by stepping on blue glowing tiles, opening up the possibility for stronger and more complicated turns.

Whenever one round is won, the players can choose one new action card that they add to their deck. Normally those cards are duplicates of the movement schemes of the defeated enemies: If you crushed a rook, you can choose the “Watchtower” card, which allows you to move to or attack a tile that is up to eight spaces away etc. However, that is not all you can do to design your deck.

You can also attack treasure chests, which contain cards with special abilities, like the “Storehouse” card: With this exemplar you can draw a new card and in return must choose one of the cards on your hand to be placed on the top of your deck again. Overall it can be said that renowned game concepts get featured with some fresh new ideas, which offer players different strategical styles of play, in “Advise the King”. Wonderful work! >>PLAY