Ludum Dare 46: Birdie Burglars

“Birdie Burglars” by Timmie Wong & Kat Jia.

“Launch meowmies with your slingshot to stop the birdie burglars!”

I am not sure if the kittens in “Birdie Burglars” are just very fond of the small chick or if they want to have it for lunch for themselves, but they sure know how to protect it against the human intruders! In four levels with increasing difficulty you have to use the cats as projectiles for your slingshot, so that you can catapult them right into the faces of the thiefs.

A shot counts as successful when a burglar gets hit by it and your trusty slingshot also has a sight which should make the aiming easier. Regardless if you struck down your aim or not, you have to ‘reload’; however, you cannot reload manually, instead you have to patiently wait for each kitty to toddle right back to you. But be aware of the fact that those criminals can be pretty quick and often bring even more company with them, so you better prepare for waves of the masked chicknappers!

Overall, “Birdie Burglars” is one of the cutest games of the forty-sixth edition of the Ludum Dare, not only thanks to its equally adorable and wacky premise, but also because of the great art style and the audio design. Both the burglars and the cats make sweet sounds, which make the game a heartwarming arcade shooter experience that I did not even know I wanted. >>PLAY