Ludum Dare 46: Box Of Limes

“Box Of Limes” by RedDashGames.

“This game is a mix of Tetris and Lemmings[.] [You] play as a UFO trying to help the [little] “Lime” […] to the exit door in each level.”

The mashup of the main mechanics of “Tetris” and “Lemmings” makes “Box Of Limes” to a highly enjoyable puzzle game. In each level you have to help out a little character – a so-called Lime – to make it to the exit. The Lime will always run from one side to another and whenever it hits a wall, it will simply walk into the opposite direction again. When Limes find an obstacles that is the same height as themselves, they will climb it. However, Limes are pretty careless (or even dumb) creatures, and therefore they will also just jump down any cliff they find. Is distance between jumping point and ground too high, they die.

Luckily they have you as their good Samaritan! You control an alien that can shoot out tetrominos, which allows you to build safe paths for the imprudent creatures. While that is a fairly easy task in the first couple of overall twelve stages, the later levels of “Box Of Limes” can be quite a challenge; especially when you try to get all the collectibles!

While you will earn one golden star automatically when you successfully completed one level, there is also always one optional extra star within reach. To get them all, you will sometimes have to avoid the most obvious solution and go for another approach. Feeling ready to save all the Limes in this wonderfully pixelated jam game? Then give it a try right now! [PLAY]