Ludum Dare 46: Efi

“Efi” by Luis Díaz Peralta.

“A short arcade game about a mama bird on a quest to rescue her children.”

Twenty small chicks are all hidden in the different corners of the dungeon in “Efi”, and you play as their longicollous mother bird, trying to recollect them. However, you cannot just walk around with your whole body and take your babies back, because of… Uh… Reasons? Do not think too much about it! Instead just use your gigantic neck and stretch it as good as you can.

Whenever your head bounces against a wall or if you draw your neck in such a way that your beak pokes against it, you ‘die’ and the level restarts. Do not worry too much, though: While the whole level and puzzle design is pretty challenging and will require some precisely timed moves by you, you will at least not lose any progress from the levels before. So steer the blue birdie from left to right and back again and thereby learn from your little mistakes. For sure you will be able to master the control scheme in the beautifully designed “Efi” – and it is definitely worth it. >>PLAY