Ludum Dare 46: Firekeeper

“Firekeeper” by Thomas Olsson & Justin Ma.

“Keep the flames alive and hold the shadows at bay.”

In “Firekeeper”, the shadow creatures feel protected by the nightly gloom. So it comes to no surprise that they want to see the small bonfire dead for good. However, the flames are something special, even supernatural, and you are their guardian. With the help of your mighty fists you can crush the dark monsters into dust – but that is not your only task, as the fire wants to grow.

Collect logs and crystals to offer them as a gift to your gleaming fosterling. As it becomes stronger, your powers will reach their full potential as well. Soon you can summon fireballs, which will burn both, the shadows and the trees around you. The stunning view on an evolving gout of flame makes “Firekeeper” to one of the most ambient rampage games that I ever played in my life. [PLAY]